3 Inverkip -  March The day-to-day running of the Fund / pensions administration is carried out by SPFO (Strathclyde Pension Fund Office).  
SPFO is comprised of a number of teams, each with a different role:

  • A Customer Service team, responsible for our call centre and face to face counter service.
  • A Benefit Processing team, responsible for calculating the benefits for the Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS).
  • A Systems & Compliance team, who provide support and maintenance services to the other teams.  
  • A Payments team, who pay pensioners their lump sums and monthly pensions.
  • An Investments team, who monitor our finances and investments.
  • A Member Records team, who are responsible for our data.                                 

LGPS regulations - how benefits are calculated and so on - are set by central government.

Decisions affecting the strength of the Fund are made by Glasgow City Council, the administering authority legally responsible for the Fund and for paying benefits.