We do not need to be told about sickness absences.

When absences other than sickness start, please send spfo@glasgow.gov.uk (or spfo@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk) an email with Absence as its Subject: to advise us that the absence has started. Note: if there is a widespread strike, do not send us an email, as we will issue bespoke instructions to prevent us being flooded with emails.  

Word Docs should be emailed to spfo@glasgow.gov.uk (or spfo@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk). Please bear in mind that you can set a "read receipt" to see if we have received your email, and allow us time to deal with your email.

Please use the Subjects: as detailed in Mar 18's PIP and limit attachments to 10 per email.

Excel spreadsheets should be sent to spfosub@fs.glasgow.gov.uk (or spfosub@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk)

When the (non-sickness) absence has finished, either send us:

Absence (Word Doc)

Absence (Excel spreadsheet)

Making good pension lost due to absences after 31 March 2015

If some of the period of absence falls after 31 March 2015 and the employee wants to make good their pension, direct your employee at the APC calculator to generate the APC application form to advise us that the employee is paying back some or the entire pension lost by the absence. The APC process from an employer's point of view is detailed in our APC flowchart for extra pension or in our APC flowchart for lost pension.

Making good pensionable service lost due to absences before 1 April 2015

If some of the period of absence falls before 1 April 2015 and the employee wants to make good some or the entire of their pre 1 April 2015 lost pensionable service, use the appropriate form / Excel below:

Authorised leave of absence

Maternity adoption leave

Strike absence paid back