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Ill health retirements

As an ill health retirement can have a significant impact on an employer's contribution rate, you may care to take out ill health liability insurance. As premiums are deducted from your contributions, it can be taken out at no cost.

How to retire a member on ill health

Identify if an ill health retirement is possible

west kilbride coast An ill health retirement requires:

  • the employee to have 2 years LGPS pensionable service
  • the employer to decide that the employee is permanently unable to perform the duties of their job due to ill health and is not immediately capable of undertaking gainful employment
Ask us for information about the benefits

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Word Docs should be emailed to (or using Estimate of Benefits: Ill health as the Subject:

Contact occupational health

church and statue Our S18 form is used by medical practitioners on our approved list to determine if an employee qualifies for an ill health retirement. 

If they do, their benefits can take account of some (a tier 2 ill health) or all (a tier 1 ill health) of prospective service to state pension age (min 65) depending on whether the employee is likely to be capable of working again.

No enhancement to actual service is granted if the employee has previously received a tier 1 enhancement or an enhancement under LGPS regulations prior to 1 April 2009.

Word Docs should be emailed to (or using Actual Retirement: Ill Health as the Subject:

Explain what the employee would receive

laptop and hands meeting If you are having a discussion with your employee about their retirement, you can use these pdfs to explain our calculations:

If your employee is paying AVCs, you may also like to make them aware that:

  • we will need to wait for the closing value of their AVC before we can process their retirement
  • if their last AVC payment will be after their retirement date, the closing value of their AVC will not be known until after their last AVC payment has reached their AVC provider
Instruct us to process the ill health retirement

lighthouse Use these forms:

Note: please check the parts completed by the member. For example, are the account details in the name of the member or a joint account which bears their name?

Once we have received your forms we:

  • confirm their safe receipt to your employee
  • advise your employee that we will be supplying final figures
  • explain that we need the closing value of any AVC to provide their final figures

If you need to update us on the retiring member's pay use Post pay award revised figures.

Forms should be emailed to (or using the Subject: Actual Retirement: Ill Health. Excel spreadsheets should be sent to (or