Your contribution will depend on your actual pay on 1 April as shown in the table below, with those in 50/50 paying half.

Pay tranche                 Contribution rate paid on that tranche in 2020 / 2021

Up to and including £22,200                5.50%
Above £22,201 and up to £27,100       7.25%
Above £27,101 and up to £37,200       8.50%
Above £37,201 and up to £49,600       9.50%
Above £49,601                                   12.00%

To see the effect of using the above tranches on your pay, your contribution rate is available from our Contribution Calculator

Your employer pays the rest of the cost of providing your benefits. This amount varies but it's always enough to make sure your pension can be paid and will be at least 19.3% of your pay.

You get tax relief on your contributions - the tax you pay on your salary is calculated after your pension contributions are deducted.