Employers must submit data to us using our Excel spreadsheets unless there is no Excel for that process. For processes where this is the case, please use the appropriate form.

     Note: Please use the Subjects: as detailed in Mar 18's PIP and limit attachments to 10 per email.

     Note: Excel spreadsheets should be sent to spfosub@fs.glasgow.gov.uk (or spfosub@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk) except that:

  • employer contribution remittance documents and other finance related emails should be sent to spfpayments@spfo.org.uk (or spfpayments@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk)
  • year end returns and subsequent year end related communications should be sent to spfposting@glasgow.gov.uk (or spfposting@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk)

Absence Dec 15 spreadsheet: use this to tell us when a non-sickness absence has finished

Change in hours or name or address or department Feb 11 spreadsheet: use this monthly to advise us of such changes

New start Mar 18 spreadsheet: use this monthly and before submitting it run it through our spreadsheet checker to advise us of new members joining after 31 March 2015

New Councillors May 12 spreadsheet: use as needed to advise us of new Councillor members

Opt out Feb 18 spreadsheet: use this to tell us about members opting out of the LGPS within 3 months of joining the LGPS as explained in Technical Bulletin No 42

Post pay award revised figures Nov 17 spreadsheet: use this to bulk notify us of recalculations of pension benefits that you require as a result of paying backdated pay awards

Strike absence paid back Apr 12 spreadsheet: use this in connection with the 30 Nov 2011 one day strike

Strike absence Dec 11 spreadsheet: use this in connection with the 30 Nov 2011 one day strike

spreadsheet_xlsx icon LA accounts request 2018 [32kb]

spreadsheet_xlsx icon Unfunded costs request 2018 [32kb]