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Activating SPFOnline

Activating SPFOnline

Activating SPFOnline

lighthouse Visit SPFOnline's Activate area and enter your NI number (using capitals for all letter characters), date of birth, activation key and surname.


Experiencing technical difficulties?

shoreline evening Before using any activation key or link that you have been provided with please:

  • Do not "Edit Copy Paste" the link between your devices
  • Check that your device's protections will allow you to access our websites

If you see an on screen warning that there is a security certificate, SSL or TLS error, complete any outstanding system updates on your device, check your security /antivirus settings, and check whether your internet browser needs updating.

If you are accessing SPFOnline on a mobile or handheld device and are experiencing difficulties, try an alternative device.

If you are using older technologies based on Windows XP or old internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, you may not be able to access SPFOnline, as our security protocols require up to date software.

If your activation key has expired or is not allowing you to activate an account you should follow the sign up process and submit your details for another activation key

snowy hill

Our password requirements are that a password:

  • must contain at least one lower case, one uppercase, one numeric value and a special character such as @, !, $, #, or %
  • must not contain spaces
  • must be a minimum of 8 characters in length