Our in-house AVC facility is now even better than before:

  • The Prudential has reduced charges on most of its investment funds
  • There's a new AVC website
  • From 55 you can take your AVC separately from your main LGPS benefits

You can still increase, decrease or stop AVCs at any time.

Annual fund charges on most investment funds are now 0.1% lower. Prudential's Fund Guide for their AVC scheme has full details of the range of funds available and their charges. For example, the annual charge on the Prudential Global Equity Fund has been reduced from 0.75% to 0.65%.

The new AVC website has:

  • A new, extended range of case studies - for both new members and those wishing to increase contributions
  • Two new calculators - one for new members, one for existing members
  • Improved online application forms

You don't need to retire from your job to cash in your AVC from 55. All you need to do is to contact the Prudential.

In summary, the all new AVC facility offers more freedom, choice and value than before.