CARE pay stored in SPFOnline is usually your actual pay in the last, full LGPS scheme year that your employer has provided us with data for, and you can override it when doing projections.

However, this is not the case for the following employers:

  • Alternatives West Dunbarton
  • CGI
  • East Renfrew Carers
  • Glasgow City Council and organisations using its payroll
  • Glasgow West Housing Association
  • Govan HELP
  • Jordanhill School
  • New Gorbals Housing Association
  • North Lanarkshire Carers Together
  • Renfrewshire Carers Centre
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue
  • Scottish Out of School Care Network
  • Scottish Water
  • Sport Scotland
  • The DASH Club
  • Visit Scotland
  • West of Scotland Regional Equality Council

If you are employed by one of these employers, we suggest that you override the CARE pay with your current actual pay when doing projections.

That's because SPFOnline takes the CARE pay held on our pension administration system for the payroll period(s) reported to date in the current LGPS scheme year and uprates that CARE pay to a full year.

In other words it predicts CARE pay to be received for periods which you have not yet been paid for.

Although each LGPS year starts on 1 April, when actual data is passed to SPFOnline for period one in a year, CARE pay for the whole of these employers' first 28 day pay period is passed over.

This means that 28 days' CARE pay could be passed over for the period 1 April to 16 April if your employer's second pay period starts on 17 April.

SPFOnline then multiplies up the higher (based on 28 days) CARE pay for the remaining period (365 less 16 = 349 days) of a whole scheme year.

This means that SPFOnline will always overstate CARE pay in a year for these employers.

The overstatement will reduce during the year, as actual CARE pay received, not forecast CARE pay for the remainder of the year that has as yet not been paid, will increasingly be a larger part of a total year's CARE pay.