You can access our Benefit Projector that allows you to estimate receiving your deferred benefits from age 55, by logging into your SPFOnline account.

If you are already signed up for SPFOnline, you can gain access and use the Benefit Projector by;

  • Logging into your SPFOnline here
  • Click 'Benefit Projectors' under 'Your Benefits' column
  • Click on 'Deferred Pension Payment'
  • At 'Date of Retirement choose the date you are thinking of leaving, for example 19/08/2021, then 'Re-Calculate' at bottom of the section.  This will give your projected deferred pension for retiring.
  • 'Conversion Options'click on the line slider to show the effect of giving up some of your annual pension for additional lump sum

If you are not already registered for SPFOnline all you have to do is click here and follow the 'sign up' instructions.

You can also refer to our 'Brief Guide to the LGPS'